I don't mind hard work.

Sabrina still loves his job.

Let's build a dike.

A noise aroused me from my sleep.

Sanand seemed like a real nice boy.

Sam is one of the most talented people I know.


This has to be what we're looking for.

I'm sure Adam will like the movie.

Darin doesn't have any friends he can talk to about this.

Thanks for the party.

Check out those legs.

The boy was given up for dead.

You should take it easy.


Does Lynnette live next door to the bus driver with whom John worked?


He amused the children by singing.


What's your favorite breakfast food?

Yesterday it was neither too warm nor too cold. It was an ideal day for taking a walk.

No matter how hard I tried.

You're not going to eat.

He lives near the dike.

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"Good morning. You're late today, aren't you?" "Yeah, I got a bit caught up."


I hope you like the job.

Two whole pages of the newspaper were devoted to the news of the royal divorce.

I like walking, especially in the morning.


You were asleep.

We broke up the morning after.

The committee can only act in an advisory capacity.

Matthew followed us here.

Naren pried up some floorboard, looking for the gold coins.

You can format and customize a worksheet, insert and use tables, charts, formulas and functions.

That's something I can't control.

Kevin should be careful not to underestimate Wendell.

I have no explanation.

I consider our friendship to be worth more than any other.

That sounds really appealing.

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He studies at a cram school.


April 25th is World Malaria Day.

Give me food for thought, and I will find food for my stomach!

I want to talk to you before you leave.

She has a picture.

Naomi drank a lot of beer.

I do believe that you are suspicious of me.

In basketball, tall players have an advantage.

Tony said he didn't know.

Human beings communicate with each other by means of language.

I'm turning into a snob, I think.

My name is Eduardo, too.

I regret kissing you.

I am very pleased to hear the news.


Increase the heat to brown the corn cake on both sides.

It's a difficult job.

Why did you not go to the office?


I am married.

Deb came back.

Everyone thinks you're dead.

There's a beach party tonight.

They are neighbors.

The key combination ctrl-Z undoes your changes.

The cat is sleeping in a chair.

He wants to live closer to nature.

He is far in advance of the other students.

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How far is it to the museum?


Do you want to talk about what happened today?

Can you secure me two good seats for the concert?

There are six apples in the box.

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Only individuals with an aberrant temperament can in the long run retain their self-esteem in the face of the disesteem of their fellows.


Anthony doesn't respect Jesus's opinion.

I love working here.

Since you're here, you had better eat dinner.

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Val seems a little bored.

Temperature is mean kinetic energy, not energy over volume; compression heats a gas by doing work on it; and a gas that expands without doing work does not cool.

I'm in a tough spot.

We participated in the athletic meet of our company.

Axel can't defeat me.

We have many rainy days in June.

I stayed up till very late last night.

I thought that you were planning on going to Boston.

I need to ask you to leave.

Just then, I heard the telephone ring.

He left early in order not to be late.

The hair-dressing liquid gave off a strong smell.

You suggested it yourself.


Hy was imprisoned at a psychiatric hospital due to his severe insanity.

Wendi and I don't share the same values.

Val disagrees with Kiki.

Sometimes I feel like kicking my own rump.

You do things too sloppily. Please do things more carefully.

What's in the file?

Harry was late for class yesterday because of his accident.


Hrmmm, to judge from their looks they might be from Shanghai.


That looks familiar.

He is, on the whole, a satisfactory student.

Ahmed looked very closely at the insect.


Should I be worried?

I don't know when he will come back.

I had never seen a giraffe till I visited the zoo.

He became more mature with the passing of the years.

I've got to get this off my chest.


He spoke on more and more eloquently.

If you try to defend the seniority-based corporate escalator these days all you'll get is flak from younger employees.

Since you have the highest score, you can proceed to the next level of the game.

Tell me what this means.

I keep a diary in French.

Per says I'm a good listener.

I won't make you do anything you don't want to.

You need to press the button.

You're used to doing that, aren't you?

The police showed me your picture.

Adam doesn't waste time.

When the letter arrived, I opened it.

They majored in literature at the university.

My little brother says that he had a dreadful dream last night.

Jennifer didn't come last evening.

I've been too afraid to go.

Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is epileptic, and suffereth grievously; for oft-times he falleth into the fire, and off-times into the water.

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He studied as hard as anybody in his class.


It's one of the most polluted cities in the world.

I don't mind lending you the money provided you pay it back within a month.

Stu watched his granddaughters dance.

You should be happy for him.

I want to improve my Spanish.

I smell something foul.

I want to keep things the way they are.


I don't own a horse.

The use of a condom during vaginal and anal intercourse and in oral sex is the best preventive measure.

We'll support any decision you make.

His suitcase was full of water.

Nathaniel wants to meet Andries again.

I am French.

You're unbiased.

So this seemed pretty important to me.

I hope there is a resolution of this problem.

We're supposed to stay under the radar.

When Columbus discovered America, bison (American buffalo) inhabited a wide-ranging area.

The robber ran away when the policeman saw him.

In the Netherlands, if a child is too insistent on asking for a cookie, he might be punished and get no cookie.


Today I'm very proud of myself.


Where are you right now?

We'll probably be a bit tired after the hike.

I don't think this is the best time for us to talk.

Is it a trap?

I suppose I asked too many questions.


What singers were popular when you were young?

I want to kiss her.

The purpose of our trip is to visit friends and see some tourist spots.

Teri isn't the right guy for you.

I see no reason why I shouldn't put it into practice.


How do you like your job, Sugih?

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Why did Polly tell you?


Hey, what took you so long?


Cliff likes this.

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Do you like living in Boston?

This fault results from my wrong decision.

You have to pace yourself or you'll choke halfway through.

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To what man was he probably sailing?


I don't know why Darren wants to talk to me.


Please remember me to all your family.

Today's technology is vastly superior to much of that portrayed in the science fiction of the past.

I remember meeting you somewhere.

Don't forget to tip the waiter.

The Humboldt current is a cold ocean current that flows north along the west coast of South America.

Vidhyanath wrote our names on the list.

The weather has been on and off here for a few days.

Nothing gives an artist as much strength as the knowledge that there is at least one person who views his creation with great love.

After three weeks of searching, he found well-paid work.