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Teknock was built to meet the needs of adequate solutions for imaginations, visualizations, advertisements and virtual reality of those consumers searching for various applications including real estate, retail store, exhibition, product, travel, leisure, memory, entertainment, education, security etc.

Teknock focuses on delivering innovative virtual technologies and solutions for wide applications. With continuous research and development and accumulation of virtual technologies, Teknock aims to be the industry leader and provide novel products and professional services; With a team of experienced and skillful photographers, visual artists, software engineers and post-production team, we offer our customers one after another high-quality works.

Our products and services cover real estate, retail store, attraction, museum, product exhibition, travel, leisure,entertainment, education, security etc. Our technologies and services cover multiple terminal platform such as website display, PAD, high-definition touch screen TVs, high-definition projectors, smart phones and virtual reality kits, providing customers with most innovative virtual technologies and solutions.

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Cummings Research Park,

Huntsville, AL 35806

Email: info@teknock.com

Website: www.teknock.com



Provide 360 degree immersive experience and give user the impression of standing in a virtual environment

Virtual Reality

Create an artificial 3D environment to the user for extensively immersive experience, like a real environment

Augment Reality

Build an enhanced version of reality to enrich the real environment with digital information and provide user the immersive and interactive virtual experience

Virtual Tour

We provides virtual tour to achieve a 3D virtual reality in comprehensive display,which has wide applications in real estate, exhibition, hotels, attractions, advertisement, retail store, and entertainment etc.

Virtual Reality

We provide professional and customized services for generating immersive virtual reality applications, compatible to different reality devices such as oculus rift, hololens, samsung gear vr and most ios and android based smart devices.

3D model

We build many kinds of 3D models with various formats via computer generation, photo/video reconstruction and laser scanning for multiple purposes. We also provide post 3d model services including 3D printing, cloud storage and online publish etc.

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