Why are you speaking French to Randal?


Martine had been working for a local TV channel while her husband was completing a PhD in psychology.

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Pfft! Who cares what Bobby thinks?

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Are you listening?

Sergiu loved Jill, you know.

This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

He kissed me on the forehead.

We do what we have to.

Rathnakumar and Paola sat next to each other in the classroom.

None of them would admit to being the culprit.

The TV newscast informs us of daily news.

She is 35 years old and in the prime of life.

The postmen sort the mail each morning.

Her mouth dropped open.

She was anxious about her job.

That's a very insidious disease. You don't notice it until it's too late.


Amy is the prettiest girl in class.

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The planets revolve around the sun.

Dan was stunned by what he had just heard.

How many were on the plane?

Did you buy me those?

I should've gone home earlier.


I'll go if the weather's good.

Laurel isn't holding anything back anymore.

We have plenty of time.

I have to convince people to do that.

Gregge was out of it.

I sent your present today!

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse is out.


The boxes produced here are made of a very consistent material.

The man walked around the corner.

To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.


The last thing I want to do now is clean the bathroom.

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When did you meet them?

Mother was in a bad mood since she could not play golf because of bad weather.

Would you like a tranquilizer?

I'm aware of the problem you're referring to.

Can I see?


I made Elaine buy it for me.

Did you register your product?

We now have only one week left in the UK before we fly home to Australia.


It's a little cold for a swim, don't you think?

Some of the movies are exciting.

Take my hand. The two of us are going to construct a utopia.

Animals act on instinct.

Wake her up.


The ice in the water melted.

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It's getting cold.


We have to get Liyuan to the hospital.

His name is Donna.

Jussi is relaxing on his bunk.

I can't let them do this to me.

Nobody cares about my situation.

You'll never want what they want.

He is looking at the photo of his friend.


Why are we laughing?

There have been a lot of airplane accidents recently.

Merril saw Valentin getting ready to leave.

Promise me you won't do that again.

My watch is not working right.


Send the package to this address.


Cocktail parties can be boring.

I would advise you strongly to quit doing that.

Didn't you see a dog pass through the yard?

Annie finished far behind, in last place.

I'm going to go to the movies.

I tried to follow your instructions.

Call me up at seven in the morning.

Sophie had been looking forward to getting another letter from the unknown sender.

I thought it was a dog.


Malloy is really strong, isn't he?


Get into your pajamas.

The old man became childish before his death.

The treatment of the female sex has varied considerably in different ages and countries.

Dear God, people really find it difficult when they have to point out one thing or another about you, your attitudes or your appearance, for example.

It costs three dollars.

Creative people have vivid imaginations.

Some kids cut through my yard on their way to school.

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Who brought you?

Sue is not very good at it.

It is no use complaining.

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We ate.

He burst into laughter.

It's a whole other ball game.

Why is she hiding?

I look on him as my best friend.


Maybe that's not enough.

I'm glad that you have a boyfriend.

He amused the children by showing them some magic.

Just outside the City of Catchfools, there is a blessed field called the Field of Wonders.

Life was never meant to be easy.

My mother is cooking for me.

The rain lasted five days.

Chet seems to be anxious to get going.

This table is fine except in one respect - it will not fit into my room.

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The mother didn't know what to do with her son.

The child who ate almost all this cake must be very fat.

Darrell had to tell Eugene what happened.

You seem to be overworked.

Mr. Smith came.


Who cut your hair?

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His popularity is waning.


I feel comfortable in her company.


We should come here more often.

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I met her by chance in the library.

Grant didn't try to do anything.

She doesn't have enough friends.

They're not looking.

After the conversation ends, he says a friendly goodbye and wishes me a pleasant evening.

I feel like we shouldn't be doing this.

He was fired on the grounds that he was lazy.

It'll cost about 2,000 yen to repair it.

You'd look good in that dress.


He's interested in mathematics.

Its sharp claws began to open and close, open and close.

Students have to work hard, but they also have to leave time for social activities.

Would a postponement help?

We know how to handle them.

The pay was good, and that was their only motivation to participate in the study.

Alberto seems to be more interested in making money than in helping others.


They can't work.

My legs ache from sitting on tatami.

Maybe Seymour has other plans.

Jeffrey and I have both done that.

You must start at once.

I began to feel as if I had haplessly tumbled down into this crazy wonderland.

I'm getting ready for the worst.


It didn't end well.


I'd better be more careful what I say.

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I would like to visit Egypt, one day.

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The door clicked shut.

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The house could accommodate two families.


You must not forget your schoolbooks.

I'll meet you where we always meet.

Please wake me up at 7.

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It is not always easy to face reality.


Don't treat me as if I were a child.

Tanaka is no match for Gerard.

There is no clock in my room.

There are many ancient shrines in Tokyo.

Harold's phone is huge.

I'm not bothered. It's just my usual nightcap. Having someone to drink with on occasion might be nice.

I regarded him as the best doctor in town.

I only wanted to forget.

Ernie is going to be executed.

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I was watching the scene holding my breath.

Goodbye for ever!

That's what I said to them.

I take it back.

He is a music enthusiast.

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You don't have to make up an excuse if you don't want to go with us.

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I'll add the finishing touches.

After the rain, fair weather.

We make it a rule to get together at regular intervals.

It was my favorite sport in high school.

Help her!

If you don't miss the train, you'll get there in time.

It is doubtful whether she will come on time.