I don't like sweet drinks.

His skill in English truly astounds me.

The squirrel put his acorn helmet on.

Jacques doesn't stand a chance.

They get money for it.

It's a concrete bridge, but several places along its length have collapsed.


Did you really expect me to give you that much money?


That's a question that I can't answer.

I'm going to try something.

I forgot to ask Stephanie for his advice.


Did you ever think of that?

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Don't interrupt us.

Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?

Did you come by train?

Do you know what's become of Leslie?

It's my problem, not yours.

Isn't that what you want to believe?

I probably shouldn't do that.


I have something I have to talk to you about.

I like coffee more than black tea.

These men had come to his country in three ships.


On his bicycle he can dodge through traffic with amazing speed.

The old woman authorized her caretaker to manage her credit cards.

The three big men eat.

I told her I didn't want to go.

He was angry with his daughter.

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Some of us think so.

The hotel has a pleasant atmosphere.

Would you show us some samples of your work?

There have been many accessions to the party.

Don't copy my answers.

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Are you through with the book?

Computers can perform a very complicated task in a fraction of a second.

I never thought I'd find her.

The whole town knows about it.

There was no sign of dinner appearing before I left.

English is like a world-wide common language.

He's still single.

What kind of man are you?

I don't see any problem here.


Tokyo Station is the third stop.

I bought Shatter's old car for $3,000.

I'm really not sure why.

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He was elected chairman of the committee.

Gail made a promise to come home early tonight.

Our lives are determined by our environment.

No, thank you. I'm just looking around.

A horrible thing happened here.

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Trees do not grow on prairies.


I'm proud of all of you.

Isn't it the other way around?

We were just in time.

You said you would text me in the evening, but you lied, evidently.

I'm sure you'll love what we have on the menu tonight.

Ain't that America?

When you speak fast, I can understand.

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Our athletes crossed the finish line last.

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I think Hirofumi is too old for Saify.


We need to leave here at once.

He poured himself a tall glass of milk.

I left behind some important documents for the company at home. Sorry, but could you please go and get them for me now?

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I just need to finish up.

This is a view of the Alps.

These flowers have died.


There is a darkness.

I live in Kyoto now.

I don't have my own e-mail server.

We've tried to do too much.

I once managed to fit seven people in my car.


I never dreamed that George would cheat me.

You're what?

Having your help made all the difference.

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I ordered a textbook from the internet, but I had to return it as it lacked accompanying audio CDs.

What kind of cars do you like?

Kazuhiro is tired of dealing with Max.


Mark pretended to be unhappy.

It's not working well because the batteries are weak.

I'd do it again.

A tall woman came along.

In that country the government controls prices.


Sharon is going to be proud of you.

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I guess I lost track of the time.

Grandpa cannot hold urine anymore.

Tell me who did this to you.

Bill is going to be locked up.

I know it sounds familiar.

I know they're hiding something.

I have to tighten my belt.


My hometown is Tel Aviv.


Giles was perfectly fine.

There's still enough time to get this done.

I would never hurt you.

I have my year-end exams in 2 days, yet I'm not studying at all.

Don't dash off a sloppily written report filled with mistakes.

I usually work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but today I worked until 10:00 p.m.

"So, do you agree, Madam Mayor?", stammered the abbot, barely hiding his joy.


This one is full.

We're moving next month.

Do you want me to tell you what I think you should do?

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Main Street was blocked off all morning for the parade.


Barbara regaled us with amazing stories about her trip to Tibet.


Mats wasn't supportive.

What he said was over my head.

My son left today.

I wish I knew what to tell them.

They never did anything to help.

When have they ever done anything for me?

The president takes office tomorrow.

He was eager to show off his new bicycle to his friends.

There are some interesting exhibits in the museum.

He needs you.

I'd like to send a registered letter.

You're not kidding!

The girl who gave me beautiful flowers was your sister.

Fortune 500 companies were the hardest hit by recent legislation.

At length the discord between them came to an end.


Liza knew why Henry wanted to quit her job.


I haven't met friends.

Someone stole my bicycle.

I think that Shintaro speaks English well.


Could you come in here for a moment, please?

They believed your story.

There aren't any options left.


Do you want to try?

My television was broken down, so I had to get it repaired.

How much money did you lose on that deal?

I don't know James's number.

The boss is hard to get along with. But if I try to talk to him about problems I have at work he might have a little heart. Even a hunter can't kill a bird who flies to him for protection.

If throughout your life you abstain from murder, theft, fornication, perjury, blasphemy, and disrespect toward your parents, your church, and your king, you are conventionally held to deserve moral admiration even if you have never done a single kind or generous or useful action.

Jamie is hard-working.


I'm not sure I want to see it.


The restaurant was far from the train station.


Urs is sick in bed today.

Dan prefers to translate his own sentences.

I'm feeling the breath of life.

I was moved to tears by her speech.

I hope you're hungry.

I'm afraid to go first, it's too dark.

If I tell you, I'll be in a lot of trouble.

I am full of anxiety about the future.

The question was impossible for us to answer.

We should help.

That rich family has many servants.

Johan nodded curtly.

It was last Friday that I ate dinner with my girlfriend in a restaurant.


You're very likely wrong about that.


There's no other way to do this.


Cristi put one strawberry on each cupcake.

Wes wants to know why.

I have no choice.

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As expected, Allan asked Kusum to marry him.

Buy a liter of milk, and if there are eggs, buy a dozen eggs.

He's a bit rough around the edges.


Try not to annoy him.


Who does Malloy pal around with?

Am I forgetting anything?

Surya and Jean-Pierre both relaxed.

That American professor knows a good deal about Kyoto.

You could at least pay Trevor a visit.