There's no telling what'll happen.

We were traveling with a friend.

Guido can remember the chords to the song, but can't remember all the lyrics.


We all have jobs.


Your talents far surpass my own.

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The timing will be crucial.

Driving a car taxes the eyes.

The boy became more eloquent.

Bill died a disappointed man.

The excessive presence of the English language does not contribute to an equal and fair debate.


Shadow, back ten words, couldn't see very well this one. Margie, who stood closer, described it to him.

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Yeah, let's go!

The net got entangled in the propeller.

Every creature is a word of God.

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I consider this to be a good initiative.


If it snows, airplanes won't be able to take off.

What Mahesh really wanted was some peace and quiet.

The investigation died a couple of weeks later.

If you had helped me, I should have succeeded.

How much did you have to pay Lou to get him to shovel the snow off your roof?

Rex can't get the lid off.

The temperature is below zero today, too.

Bolas are made up of a long cord with two stone balls at the free ends.

There must be some solution to the problem.

Your husband is cheating on you.

I got very annoyed at her remarks.

We fought very hard.

He might fail in his new project unless he is industrious.


Spain walked rings around their opponents. The French looked sluggish.

I don't know how to draw, nor do I have the sensibility of an artist.

Witnesses reported seeing Dan almost everywhere in the town.

She has even teeth.

Do you have any Japanese newspapers?

Can we really expect Jeanne to cooperate with us?

Must I go on?

He is not wearing a hat.

I'm afraid not.


Meehan is learning how to defend himself.

I need them.

Kent doesn't like to be indebted to anyone.

Ravindranath came up with some pretty good ideas.

I'm buying bread.

Everybody looks surprised and a little confused.

I'm much better now.

He can't swim a mile.

Don't you remember what you said?


No one's ever questioned my methods before.


Kiev is the mother of Russian cities.

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Sherman went to tell Mariou the good news.

Sundaresan wants to know why Valeria is mad at him.

There is a sunflower field near the train station.

Clear society of its evils.

No one was able to help him.

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There are only 25 days left to the event!

The hotel is at the foot of a mountain.

You drank a beer at lunch, didn't you?

Something frightened her.

I'm in a bit of a hurry.

I felt it my duty to do so.

Gideon is a natural-born teacher.

The crowd is going nuts.

This bag is 4 kilograms overweight.

I love Dean, err, I mean Naomi.

He was killed in the war.

She is better at speaking English than any of her classmates.

I just didn't know how.

Do not smoke in public places.

What is that, my son?

A person who is born in France is a French.

Jean-Christophe is terminally ill.

There were four pieces of furniture in the room.

Stay away from her.

Yesterday I listened to a very beautiful song.

Don't laugh at a person in trouble.

Shaw died with a gun in his hand.

Never tell the truth when a good lie will do.

My opinion really doesn't matter.

Soon after, it began to rain.

Morris could've died.

Don't look so sad.

Let's meet here again tomorrow.

Miles looks Scandinavian.

As for chess, I just know the rules.

That's probably going to fall.

Human pride is human weakness.

We got into his car and went to the sea.


It's a kinda ridicule unnecessary fibonacci-syllabic-heap.

A good idea struck her.

He allowed his friend to be beaten.


You might say that doesn't matter very much, but actually it does.

Her dress was a cheap affair.

It is hardly raining.

Would you like me to help you develop the itinerary for your business trip?

Nate, an escaped convict, tried to alter his appearance through plastic surgery.

I am studying French by myself.

Please get me a pretty girl.

The mobile phone you have dialed is either switched off or outside the coverage area, please try again later.

Blaine and Ravindran are both professors.

We must ask for a broom to sweep the floor.

I'd better call her again.

I was in great pain.

The patient died from lung cancer.

You plowed the field, didn't you?

Gregg asked for my number.


Dan and Linda returned home.

Noemi didn't come back until 2:30.

People do not trust a weak government.

By the way, I met a friend of yours yesterday.

Having seen him before, I recognized him at once.

Are you going to take part in the contest?

The members of each stratum accept as their ideal of decency the scheme of life in vogue in the next higher stratum, and bend their energies to live up to that ideal.


He had to bathe the wound three times a day with a saline solution.

That effort bore no fruit.

She told me to open the window.

Do you know what Lorenzo does in his spare time?

Why don't you try a different tack?

My daughter's getting all gussied up for her first date.

Case went out fishing.

Truth and God are two entirely interchangeable ideas, and no religion or belief should claim to be the sole and exclusive owner of it.

It was a flying saucer all right.

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You really know how to party.


Billy called.

You can bank on me.

What does a stamp for a postcard to Germany cost?

Prostitution is legal in most of Nevada.

The flight to Boston should take about ninety minutes.


You haven't told me about your mother.

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As a man lives, so shall he die.

He was supposed to call her at ten.

What time does it start boarding?


The police still can't point out who committed the crime.

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I knew something was up.


Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

I don't know whether she will come.

We'll be looking for them.

I didn't know anyone at the party.

We had a stopover in Chicago.

"Is there a book on the chair?" "Yes, there is."

I was enjoying that.

He is the tallest in his class.

Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, while in fact you are looking at the screen.

He is fatter than when I last saw him.

The water ran down the rain pipe.

I'm looking for information about Boston.

You'll soon get used to the noise.

The man lost all hope.

Where are your friends going?

I work in a bank.

The art exhibition is now being held in Kyoto.

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Take your headphones off.

Do you have a problem?

These chairs are by no means satisfactory.

I think Beverly is flexible.

Thank you very much for your present.

I usually try to travel light.

Donal had no choice but to give Randell what she asked for.

Keep the child away from the pond.

Kolkka had no idea what he was doing.

I hardly recognized them.

This bag is not small.

Galen will come soon.

The heroic knight went on a quest to defeat a great monster and won the favor of his lady.

I've just had new tires put on my car.

I'm Richard's supervisor.

I worked on a yearly contract.

I gave him some money.

Stop talking like that.

I study math harder than you do.


They say it's up to you.

The island is to the south of Japan.

It seems that he likes his present job.

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I don't think I snore, but I'm not really sure.