We will be happy to help.

Gekkyoku is the leading company in the parking business in Japan.

How are you going to tell them?


The beekeepers think that GMOs are harmful to the health of their bees.

Sir motioned them to be seated.

Sergio is probably America's most talented artist.

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Losses were heavy on both sides.


I have better things to do than stand here and take your insults.


I don't get it at all.

He was afraid of hurting her.

I never did anything like that with Stephan.


Jochen didn't have to help if he didn't want to.

I'm sure Mwa will make the right decision.

It may snow in the evening.


I'm buying a new car.


I'm fairly certain that it was the elephant.

Rajeev grew up near a lake, but he isn't a good swimmer.

The need to learn makes us better people.


Theater is boring.

He is something like his father.

Hurry it up.

I thought you lived with them.

I hope you have a happy future ahead of you.

Should I be worried about Lar?

Do you recognize anything?


It took exactly an hour.

I'm eating the meat.

I just came down here to get my cigarettes.

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I am from Oslo.

I won't cook for Ritchey.

She is eager to live in Australia.

You don't have all the facts.

How long has it been since you received a letter from him?


A coin dropped out of his pocket.

I was filled with frightful sorrow for her.

Kristi decided to buy a red car.

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We'll have to do a bit of walking to get from here to the bank.

What have I just written?

I know I can fix it.

King Darius was defeated by Alexander the Great.

Sean uncorked the champagne.


I really believe it.


It took me an hour to memorize the poem.


Indra wants more money.

The rock star is an idol of the teenagers.

You don't have to say you love me.

They'll stay with me.

Give me a hand with this bag.

Raja saw Dominic smiling.

He is believed to have passed the examination.


I like your plan a lot!


A friend of mine is studying abroad.

He has gone too far.

June never visited Caroline.

It's not worth the pain.

Keith glanced in his rearview mirror.

On what platform does the train from Lyon arrive?

The weather was going from bad to worse.

The cat thanked them for the ham, and gave them a pocket-handkerchief and a comb.

Uh...how does this work?

There's been a corresponding increase in wholesale prices.

During the class she fell asleep in spite of herself.

That's what I was told three hours ago.

I feel sometimes amazed how much crap some people are able to produce in just one week.

He's trying to commit suicide.

Is Skeeter still dating Liz?

Aluminium is a metal.

By and large, Gretchen is an easygoing person in almost everything he does.

I don't think you should go.

Alan is a poet.

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When attacked he defended himself with an umbrella.

I must tell him that.

They need our support.

I told them that I'd help you.

I wish I had bought a smaller house.

It's a little too early for a drink.

Nobody got on the plane.

The Martian red desert stretched beyond and around me as I was wearing a spacesuit with oxygen tanks. The air outside was thinner, of course, than the Earth's. There was some breeze that would otherwise blow tumbleweeds on Earth's own deserts.

I saw his daughter was crying.

Ask your dad to help you.

I can't look at her.

It won't happen again, I swear.

Heidi is grateful to Coleen for all her help.

She won't conform to the town's social patterns.

I can't think about anything else.

Is it a trap?

He refused to sign the documents.

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Nancy is having a chat with her friends.

We went by the shop without noticing it.

Can you save them?

Is Boston far away?

I found the suites capacious, the sofas commodious, the sandwiches copious.


Darren asked me if I would mind working late today.

Neptune has two thick and two thin rings which surround it.

I hear something.

She came in quietly so she wouldn't wake up the baby.

She took the pen and wrote the address.

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We're doing what needs to be done.

You're emotional.

The population of Osaka City is larger than that of Kyoto City.

You might get hurt.

What brand of shampoo do you use?


I was thirteen when it happened.

My father isn't home.

She read my mind.


Is Sunday the first day of the week?


I'm putting the boy to bed.

Your pantlegs are too long - you'll probably trip.

I went into the navy.

Mehrdad is naughty, isn't he?

The door bolts on the inside.

You were so young when Shawn left.

These animals are on the verge of extinction.

They were getting on in years now.

You threw salt?

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A dictatorship means, by definition, one centre of power.

My sister has a good command of both English and French.

How do we know you're not lying to us?

Moses is nonplussed.

I should've listened to Miltos.

The last time we saw each other was in Ana's birthday, the year before last.

The race is tomorrow.

Tell us something.

Man is born without teeth, without hair, and without illusions. And he dies the same way: without teeth, without hair, and without illusions.

Morgan is one of the girls that Tal is interested in talking to.

Horst has a blue coat on.

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I didn't want to insult him.

For all his wealth, he is unhappy.

She's going to be in charge.

Gerald is right, of course.

Dan didn't miss any episode of that soap opera.


I have so many ideas.

I invited him to the party and he accepted.

I'd advise you to lock your doors.


Albumin was found in my urine before.


We often do what we have to do, not what we want to do.


Nicholas has enough money to buy everything he wants.

How dare you do that to him?

It's still very early.


Manuel teaches yoga.

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The house was sold for one million dollars.

There is no TP left.

Where did you claw them?

We recommend that mains water have a water-quality test carried out once a year, well water twice a year.

Her dream of a lifetime finally came true.

Would you sleep with me?

Have you brought help?


Jim accompanied her on the piano.


Dan was not sure what he wanted to do with his life.

And the world was made through him.

Nobody did anything.


My sister is by my side.

You've got to apologize to him.

Make sure to drink the medicine before you go to bed.


You are threshing wheat.

You look perfect.

We've done all we can here.


He is raising tropical fishes.

This flag is very beautiful.

During the discussion of the summary report of CC CPSU in the congress, it was noted that, under the guidance of the Communist party, in close cooperation with all the Socialist countries, the Soviet people have made great progress in the struggle for building a Communist society in the USSR and in that for world peace.

You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.

I don't have any cash on me.