Bless you!

He may well be proud of his daughter.


I want you out of our apartment by morning.

Toufic bought some vegetables and fruit.

I cannot write this text by hand.


He was startled by the explosion.

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Gunter was adamant.

Hold on tight.

I'm coming with you.


Kemal must be severely punished.


A loud noise in the night scared him.

As the men walked up and down the rows of people, they shouted, "Get your dachshund sausages!"

Feel free to speak German.

I cried so much that Marci got mad at me.

I said drop your gun!

He was ashamed of his ignorance.

I wish I could see her again.


Christopher knows that I don't care whether he comes with us or not.

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Get fuller, sexier, more malignant lips today!

Could you keep an eye on them?

My friends and I went to a party yesterday.


Paul is not as fast as me.

You said such horrible things to me.

Carole asked Gideon what kind of food she liked.


Are you really afraid to be in the same room with Venkata?

It might tell us something.

Those birds build their nests in the summer and fly to the south in the winter.

You're so nosy.

We're actually on our way to Boston.

This garden is open to the public.

I won't be going.

They won't allow it.

Am I catching you at a bad time?

Do you know how to reach him?

Let us depart from this accursed place!

Hotels are cheaper in the off season.

And not only that, the goods in the company shop were usually more expensive than elsewhere.

You know what's going to happen tonight, don't you?

Are you going to call her?

Please do your best.

He thought he was up to the challenge but in the end he just couldn't cut the mustard.

Christie says he has never met Socorrito.

I would like to purchase your latest mail order catalogue.

Karen noticed that his wallet was missing.

I burned my fingers on a hot iron.

They'll be happy to welcome you on Sunday.

You should behave carefully.

Having failed twice, William didn't want to try again.

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

It doesn't bother me.

Catherine loved to travel.

I'd like to get this working again.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?


His mother discreetly kept an eye on the boy.

It's pretty new.

She got to the other side in 30 minutes.

"I've finished" said Tony shortly, then he closed the piano.

I used to think the same way you do.

I object to being called a monkey.

To be always logical may be sometimes hated by others.

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Patty kicked down the door and entered Jayesh's room.

He was robbed of all his money.

Pat traveled back in time.

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Bobbie pointed to the back door.


He came home just now. Didn't you know that?

Just go to sleep.

The auditorium is terribly stained. It is, in part, due to acid rain.


Thanks for sharing this.

My worst apprehensions have come true.

Things happened very quickly.

He walked through the forest.

For now, that's the only thing I can do.

Ask them to help you.

Larry is taking a nap.

Believe in love!

When was the first time you came here?


We're changing it.

Do your best and don't worry.

We'll begin the party when Spass gets here.


You haven't been home yet, have you?


I get the feeling that Christina doesn't know what he's doing.

I'd really like to know what that is.

Dresses are on sale on the top floor.

The boy was allowed to come along having promised to improve his manners.

This is the record which I bought yesterday.

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I saw him tear up the letter.

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When were you in London?

His coworker pulled the rug out from under him.

Do you know anyone here?

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You must not speak loudly.

What I really want to do is go to Boston to visit Raja.

He's a hunk.


She worked from morning till night.

I don't get along with my stepmother.

Jimmy, breakfast is ready. Come downstairs.

Where is the real one?

The late Mr Smith was a doctor.

I knew it wouldn't be fun.

I got to work late because I had to drop my daughter off at the day-care center.

He walked down the street whistling cheerfully.

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.

He's a platoon sergeant.

Try to get Philip on the phone.


Father gestured to me to leave the room.

Your money is like a ghost, living in a centralized computer.

It was all he could do not to laugh.


Nobody knows her.

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He resigned because of an illness.


He hasn't got any fight left in him.

That which the Russians can only laugh at, the Europeans can take seriously.

I was thinking about going to Boston next month.


Matthias slept an hour.

We have to consider the problem in the light of cultural differences.

Nothing will excuse such an act.

I can't believe he did that.

King refused medical treatment.

But in spite of the merits of being single, they do want to get married some day.

Lindsay is away on vacation.

Are you talking to yourself again?

I have very long hair.

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Is it safe to eat this?

Silence often implies consent.

Do I need a lawyer?

I used to stay up late when I was a high school student.

I advised the shy young man to declare his love for the beautiful girl.

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We paid them back everything we owed them.

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Does that tell you something?

Don has been brought to justice.

Don't drag out Chinese sayings about the importance of an environment conducive learning just to justify moving house for a child's entrance exams!

She told me that I lacked manliness.

I offered Takao my help.

The tank is full.

I have no idea how this works.

Ishmael, come over here!

Would you mind turning off the radio?


If a women walks on a public street exposing her lower body, it's public indecency. If she walks while exposing her upper body, then it's a violation of article 20(1) of the minor offenses act.

Josip doesn't live in this neighborhood.

What heading does this come under?

Not long ago we heard a father say in the presence of his large family, "I don't want any of my boys to be lawyers."

He is far from diligent.

My sister started screaming bloody murder when she found out I'd read her diary.

I couldn't stop myself from longing for her.


Things aren't too clear.

I've got to talk to him.

Beautiful night, isn't it?


Today, I watched a play written by a friend of mine.

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Gretchen's sentence was 25 hours of community service.


I can almost guarantee that Manavendra won't get here on time.


The lecture on the Impressionist painters was interesting.


"I haven't read a book in my life", said Carlo.


He did not come on the pretext of sickness.

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Sridhar has been absent since last Monday.

I'd rather stay home.

How do I know when my car needs a brake job?

Jayesh brought hers.

Mann might not be as happy as he looks.

As far as I know he is not lazy.

I'm here to protect you.

I want to drink something cold.

Jarmo reads almost no books at all.

Bud is too stubborn to apologize.

He does not want to live in a less developed country.