He is quite indifferent to money.

Vishal is an intelligent person.

The pictures are hanging in the big room.

If by some chance I failed, I'd try again.

Everything that I say is a lie. And that's the truth.

It sure fits, you just have to think how to put it in.

A Mr. Brown came to see you when you were out.

The job isn't done yet.

And nobody helped you?

I am looking forward to it.

She began to get the feel of her new office.

She did not let me into her secret.


They borrow magazines from Taninna.


Everybody was looking at her when she burst into laughter.

You and me have never heard that song again.

No one ever comes to visit me.

You can never be happy if you feel envious of other people.

I think we can catch him.


Sergei appears awkward.

A long time ago, there was a bridge there.

If I were you, I would follow him to the end of the world.

All you should do is follow his advice.

You don't know that for sure, do you?


You can come to visit us anytime you want.

He pretended to be asleep.

The court found him guilty and ordered him shot.

I want everything replaced just as we found it.

He reached for an English-Japanese dictionary on the desk.

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I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

She has as many books again as he.

These things aren't needed anymore.


Mike is always nagging his father to buy him a car.


You should go talk to him.

Blair eats more food than Noam does.

The teacher mixed up our names.

Sergio did fool me.

I wanted to run away with him.


Don't blame me.

Look at the beautiful sunset!

Elsa doesn't want to hear about it.

Dan harassed Linda with continuous calls.

I have many problems to solve.


Lukas got into the car.

He didn't have nightmares.

Irving has blue eyes.

Who made these?

John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High".

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It's a rare thing to run into a famous musician on the street.

He was too tired to walk any farther.

I set my watch ahead one hour.


Sjouke is looking for a good place to pitch the tent.

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If he'd known the truth, he'd have told me.

Parcels are handled at the next window.

I love apples.

I hear Tollefsen is very good at swimming.

One must consider the facts before the decision.


He has retired, but he is still an actual leader.

Last year was quite successful.

He will be up and about in a week.

Why are you cutting up the meat?

His mind was filled with happy thoughts.


The coworker claimed he had missed the bus.


Barrio bought flour and yeast at the grocery store.

Sounds good!

You won't find much news in today's newspaper.

She spoke Japanese well.

Having all of you here is more reassuring than having the police or anybody else.

Randell tries.

We are giving a small party this evening.


I know I look like a gift box in this costume.

Why would I want that?

My brother is so smart and witty that I cannot beat him in an argument.


Cavities have become rarer in the developed countries and more people will be able to eat with their own teeth throughout their life.

They were completely surprised.

Companies with diversified holdings tend to weather economics shocks better.


I am going to the theater on the corner.

Please turn the television on.

The weather is unusual today.

The English word is not easy.

Academic fraud is more common than you think.

You are free to leave any time you wish.

Among the objects found in the handbag was the photo of a certain man.


Kirsten didn't have as much trouble falling asleep as he thought he would.

There's no risk.

I've heard the French version of this song.


Steve took me to a restaurant where you can eat as much as you want for thirty dollars.

You only notice how much money you could save by not having any when doing your taxes.

I doubt Grace can comprehend what we're talking about.

There are only a few mistakes, or perhaps none at all.

I'm just a freshman.

We'll call Marnix.

Let's stop off and see a movie.

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Please put your shoes on.

I'm very optimistic about this.

Allow one hour to reach the airport.

I stayed at home last night.

She said, "I owe it to him that I am popular."

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He has a very good voice.

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Just stay out of my business.

What exactly happened here?

After he bumped into the shelf, the priceless china fell and shattered into fragments.

What do you want to say to Carl?

How many beers have you had?

The brakes didn't work.

Some were already a bit drunk.

That's very good.

I'll read a book while you're sleeping.

You think to play with me?

We will get there in two hours.

Life has been hard on them.

Let's go talk to Joanne.


What a total mess!

I believe you know Jeanette.

I took his umbrella by mistake.

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All of my friends like him.

You need to have strong thigh muscles to skate.

Antonella bought himself a new guitar for Christmas.

Those present at the meeting were surprised at the news.

I'll assist you.

Would you give me a lift home?

Someone needs to translate this contract into French.

Emil got a lot more than that.

Ana will not come to our party.

I had my secretary run off ten copies.

He had the ambition to be a great politician.

I need a glue stick.

They are made in a variety of sizes.

Please pass me the salt.

Atlantis sank into the sea.

Pradeep doesn't seem very concerned.

You're just different.

I'm almost certain that we can trust Lar.

He is a plain, modest person.

I have to go shopping. I'll be back in an hour.

Can we recycle this?

I saw her a short time ago.

It's dangerous to ignore the signal at a railroad crossing.

Nick walks faster than Jon.

Ginny shouldn't be here.

The dog followed along with me.

I am not insisting on it. If you don't like it, just don't take it.

They permitted each other to live in peace.

At least I would not be alone.

Then his mother thought.

We'll get one.

He works on the farm from sunrise to sunset.

Of the three candidates, I think Mr. Smith is the best.

There must be something wrong with the engine.

My father plans to go overseas next week.

I didn't know you were that kind of a person.

They have a nice house.

I never used to eat snacks.

We saw you last night.

She has a little bread.

Will you show me your album?


That is moderately beautiful.

Does Jos disagree?

Would one of you be willing to lend me your bicycle for twenty minutes or so?


This is a public school.

I'm arguing with my friend.

That would help me decide.


His notion of welfare is pretty abstract.

It may rain at any time.

This doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Getting into a hot spring at Norikura is great.

As was my habit, I was walking on the beach after the rain.

We use our feet to walk.

I can't believe I'm actually here.


What a bad news!

Who's your favorite comic book super hero?

The vanity plate I want is not available.