This is romantic.

How would you describe it?


Oleg was the one who suggested that we do this.

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I don't know how much Mark makes.

That guy is just exploiting you.

They are a peace-loving people.

"...That's why I require your services. Help me, Phoenix Wright! You are my only hope." "Are you sure you have a valid case?" "Yes. Link is living the good life." "Don't worry. We'll have this case settled very soon." "Do not be so sure. I know the prosecutor." "Could a young warrior from another land know any good prosecutors, I wonder? ...Who's prosecuting?" "Miles Edgeworth."

I think Ross is unhappy.

I could see Patricio was drunk.

I hate zealots.

The trip was canceled because of a terrible storm.

So cute!

I'll be seeing Clifford again next Monday.

Get us some food.

St Nicholas was standing in the garden.

We saw the airplane.

How should we spend our evenings?

I don't want to ever see Helen again.


I've kept a diary in French for the past three years.


I am too busy to go.

Can you do this problem?

If God doesn't exist in our world, then I will create God with my own hands.

It is kind of him to invite me to dinner.

I hope you'll tell me everything that happens.


Tatoeba is helping to improve my Esperanto.

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You're even dumber than I thought.

Stan wasn't entirely surprised.

Speaking of last night, what time did you get home?

She'll be seventeen in February.

He will get these.

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We shouldn't have made them go.

You can't do both at the same time.

What do you think they're telling Gregor?


The German unemployment rate was 4.5 percent in October 2015, the lowest level since 1981.


This day, the living shall envy the dead.

I eagerly await hearing your opinion on this subject.

We ate some Swedish meatballs with gravy, potatoes, and lingonberry jam.

Sandra has a bad back. It's hard for her to lift things.

The day being fine, we went swimming.


Joe was a traitor.


Did she quote a price for it?

No one can cope with him.

He's a gardener.

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Something might have happened to her.

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I don't want to be used.

Devon and I used to go to the same school.

Why did they do that?

Tell her that I am cutting the meat.

You never stood a chance.


Allow one hour to reach the airport.

It was great fun.

You can't fight City Hall.

I have a stupid question.

Elvis always worries about things that don't really matter very much.

My computer crashed.

Aaron is working hard today.

That's kind of vague.

New GATT resolutions could create a real shake-up.

Can one be honest without appearing arrogant?

She described the scene in detail.

This month was kind of difficult.

Vicky was working part-time.

I feel a little woozy.

The pier took a real beating from the hurricane.

Jill bought a present for his daughter.

Call me up whenever you need my help.

Edward couldn't help getting angry with Sherri.

If you want to sell your old sofa, why not put an advertisement in the local paper?

Carlos began to open the present.

Where do I sit?

I think Angus may be hurt.

He kept silent all day.


What you said was very interesting.


They play the piano.


Where did you slice them?

Scarcely had her mother left when Josip took control of the house and tirelessly harassed her little brother Edward.

I know how to swim, but I don't like swimming in the river.


Kanthan had a heart attack last year.

This is a representative, not a comprehensive, list of various types of vaccines.

We met in Europe a few years ago.

I want to be as truthful as possible.

What floor do you live on?

I want to make Sedovic jealous.

I'm your friend and I care about you.

It was disheartening.

Can you turn off the light?

I would like something to drink.

Wouldn't that be a shame?

Can you at least be happy for me?

If the plug gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth before insertion.


They insist that he should go.

My family are all in good health.

Dan didn't even eat the cake.

I can't understand what you're trying to get at.

Nichael got famous overnight.


You should've come to the party.


I wouldn't want to keep Audrey waiting.

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Willing dependence is the most beautiful condition, and how would it be possible without love?


Keep your mouth shut and do as you're told.


I wish you'd come sooner.

That's going to take a while.

I'm staying with them.

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I'm glad that you'll come.

Can anyone verify that?

Pim recognized Lori's voice.


Let Geoff know we've got a problem.

He is enchanted by the girl's beauty.

Jean lay awake half the night, listening to Shane snoring.


Out of all the movies you saw this year, which one was your favorite?

Where did you get all these?

I signed one.

The bottle was filled with what looked like sand.

Ima has lost his voice.

I gave Marcia all the money I had on me.

She seems to devote all her efforts to her career.

Rice, noodles, and potatoes are typical side dishes.

I want you to be a good boy.

His monthly salary is no less than 500,000 yen.

It's no use asking me for money.

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Which are Taro's?


In times of trouble, she would turn to faith.

You really ought to think before you open your mouth, you'd avoid a lot of misunderstandings that way.

It was a fair fight.

Don't you know what to do?

There's a slim chance that Matthias will be late.

There is an important alliance between these two countries.

The washing-up machine at home was regarded as a rival to the worker at the kitchen sink.


You are now quite at home in English.

There is nothing to do here.

The savage robbed me of my precious jewels and ran away.

Kim plays the piano.

It's good to be charitable; but to whom? That is the point.

I don't know how easy it'll be to change.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Himawan had a coughing spell.

While I was cycling, the rain started.


I like them both.

We should not despise a man because he is poor.

Seymour was nervous, but he knew what he was supposed to do.


For you who love adventure, this kind of hiking will meet your need.

My father is too busy to take a walk.

The teacher compared my poem with a fellow student's.

You even said that yourself.

Apparently, Doyle doesn't like me.

She has a very enviable position.

I have a stand-alone personal computer.

Samuel thought it was a terrible idea.

Rich lost his key.

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The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

Police officers wear blue uniforms.

Rumi is the first daughter.

I could just refuse to go.

This is enlightening.

Stay away from him!

That's a very convincing argument.

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I can help him.

I bumped into an old friend on the bus.

Morning worship begins at eleven o'clock.

He's tall, dark, and handsome.

The dent is huge.


They train you to act before thinking. Just execute orders.

We had to make the best of a bad deal.

The ship is bound for the Gulf of Mexico.

I think you should be careful.

Floyd told Amos that everything would be perfect.